Brighten-Up: Beauty Tips to Make Your Skin Glow

During this seasonal transition from spring to summer, it’s time to make your complexion glow. Here are some simple beauty tips to help you put your brightest face forward!

In the drier months, our skin becomes more taught and less supple as there is not enough moisture in the environment to retain proper hydration levels. This is particularly true if your skin is dry most of the time, like mine is. So, beyond moisturizing on a regular basis, a moisturizing mask is an all-important incorporation into your skincare regiment to improve the quality and suppleness of you skin. It is also true that during the warmer months, our skin becomes oiler and it is important to purify our pores with a clarifying mask. Removing product build-up is critical to reveal a brightened complexion.

Sloughing off the dead skin cells that build-up over time on the surface layer of our skin is an important component revealing a brightened complexion. A gentle exfoliation treatment will do the trick.

Papaya Milk Exfoliation
(Courtesy of Natural Beauty, Hatherleigh Press/Random House 2013)

2534The abundance of alpha hydroxy acids in papaya is exfoliating and helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a brightened, glowing complexion. Milk also has the coveted acids, and the combination of papaya and milk is the most gentle and natural exfoliant. Honey is nature’s moisturizer, and this nicely balanced mask provides a subtle exfoliation with hydration.


– 1⁄2 papaya
– 1 tablespoon whole milk
– 1 tablespoon honey

Preparation and Application

Prepare papaya by slicing the fruit lengthwise and scooping the firm black seeds out with a spoon. Discard the seeds, and scoop the meat of the papaya into a small bowl. Add honey and milk and mash until blended smoothly. Apply to clean face, avoiding your eye area, and leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and splash some cold water afterward to seal your pores.

This gentle exfoliation should feel really cleansing, and your skin should be soft to the touch afterward.

2535If your eyes are tired-looking, then try this simple makeup trick to brighten your peepers! After you have applied your concealer to the skin underneath your eyes, dab a tiny amount of Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener. It will add some shimmer and life to your tired eyes.

You can also line the inner wet line of your eyes with white eyeliner. It will really open-up your eyes!

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